Glass doors are typically a symbol of modern home and office design. A transparent doorway can be an inviting welcome to any visiting friends, family, or business partners. Even if you aren’t comfortable with making your entire door out of glass, there’s always the option of a front door glass insert to add a touch of it to lighten up the front of the house.

Many organizations choose door glass and front door glass inserts for their buildings, but why should you? Let’s talk about the specific benefits of glass doors and how Fusion Glass can help you achieve your goals for interior design.

Natural Light

Front door glass inserts obviously allow outdoor sunlight to enter your building with ease. Natural light has a variety of subtle benefits for not only office workers but also homeowners. Feel more comfortable in your own home and save money on the electric bill when you don’t have to turn on a lamp indoors.

Natural Light - One of the benefits of a front door glass insert

Especially during the winter, the natural light coming from a front door glass insert can make a big impact. Source: DIYnetwork

The Outdoor View

Whether you have a nice garden outside or just want a clear view of the bright sky, glass doors and inserts are your key to the outdoors without having to open a window. Employees and home residents alike appreciate some outdoor views from time to time.

Privacy Options

Want the benefit of natural light but don’t want to give up on privacy? Some front door glass inserts come in decorative designs that obscure a clear view into the building while still allowing light in. Consider these options when you’re picking out new glass inserts.


Despite what you may think of glass, front door glass inserts are actually long-lasting. They don’t stain or discolor with age, making them a solid investment that will not come with excessive maintenance costs. They also don’t chip or splinter like wooden doors.

A Modern Look

It’s no secret that home designers all have different themes to choose from. Some want a traditional, old-fashioned appearance while others go straight for the modern. Whichever way you go, there are always front door glass inserts available in your preferred style. The benefits of glass doors appeal to almost anyone, so think about adding some inserts during your next design project.

Office Atmosphere

Employees or clients see glass doors as a welcoming sight. The transparency implies that the business is open to visitors and has nothing to hide. It also makes buildings seem more spacious than they actually are. Front door glass inserts thus make an excellent first impression to first-time visitors.

Other Considerations

Glass doors come in many varieties. You can have sliding doors, which can open without taking up additional space. These are excellent in small interiors and are convenient for businesses especially. French doors come in pairs, ideal for high-traffic entryways.

Front Door Glass Insert | Fusion Glass

Fusion Glass Works Inc. specializes in high-quality craftsmanship and beautiful decorative glass. Businesses across the nation trust our service, and you will too. You can find our products at your local home improvement store or contact us today to speak to an expert about bulk ordering possibilities.

• Think about adding front door glass inserts to your business. It’s a welcoming sight for any business partners, employees, or customers coming to visit.
• Glass inserts are durable and last long enough to allow natural light into your building year-round. Employees love them, and the view is sure to boost productivity.
• Fusion Glass specializes in front door glass inserts and other glass door needs. Get in contact with us if your business is in need of an interior design update.