Privacy glass manufacturing processes result in the creation of obscurable glass. Manufacturers incorporate obscurity into the glass manufacturing process by adding tint, adding a frosted glass effect, or even using electricity to scatter liquid crystals within the glass to create an opaque effect.

When shopping for door insert privacy glass, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

Not all privacy glass offers the same level of, well, privacy. There are levels measured on a ten-point scale, with each point influencing factors like glass clarity, energy efficiency, and lighting.

Let’s begin by exploring the scale of privacy glass options you can choose from.

Understanding the Ten Point Scale of Privacy Decorative Glass Levels

While the point scale ranges from one to ten, these points can further sub-dividable into three levels:

  • Low (zero to three points)

    Low privacy glass looks clear and lets a lot of light through. Clear glass also allows through most radiation like ultraviolet rays. If privacy is not the primary concern but a side benefit, low-level privacy glass can work for you.

  • Medium (four to six points)

    Medium privacy glass provides a middling ground between low and high-level privacy. Some light gets through, and medium privacy levels still obscure objects on the other side of your glass inserts. You can see shapes, but you cannot see more delicate details. Homeowners usually install medium privacy glass on their front doors.

  • High (seven to ten points)

    If privacy is of the utmost concern, a high level of privacy glass is your best option. No one will see in your home or through the glass — objects on the other side of the glass present as shadows due to the high obscurity level. Little ultraviolet light will pass through as well.

The lower the level of privacy, the clearer the glass. The higher the level, the more privacy you have and the more obscure the glass is.

Once you decide you need privacy glass, the next step is determining which privacy glass level is best for your needs.

Different levels of Privacy for Decorative Glass - Fusion Glass Works
Decorative Glass Privacy Scale Explained - Fusion Glass Works
privacy glass levels explained - Fusion Glass Works - Decorative Glass

Choosing Which Privacy Level Is Best For My Decorative Door Glass Inserts

While there is no best privacy level, rest assured that you can easily swap door inserts if your privacy level requirements change. You can even use different privacy levels for other doors in your home, for both interior and exterior doors and windows.

You should consider other effects that privacy glass will have for you, other than obscuring the view. The level of privacy glass you choose will affect:

  • Interior heating and cooling bills
  • The amount of UV light and radiation that passes through
  • The cost
  • Energy efficiency

These are all factors that you should keep in mind when making a purchasing decision. Each level of privacy will affect each factor, due to the amount of tint or obscurity present in each level.

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